My JustHost Review

Justhost is recognized for its budget friendly plans. The main focus of this host is to provide its clients with best Linux services ever regardless if you run a personal blog or business website. With its 10 years of experience, this company has earned its name within the webmasters. But should you go for it, this question often pops up during web hosting reviews. Keeping that in mind, below is everything you should know about JustHost!


Justhost works with dedicated people who specialize in research and development. Therefore to be host, this company is pretty proud of itself as it managed to ensure customer fast speed, 24 hour support along with minimal downtime. So if you worry about reliability, move on!


When you talk about speed, JustHost got everything you want! This host is using well managed data centers in Orem. 10 GB fiber connections along with Backup power have been taken care of. In order to improve themselves even more, the staff have designed their very own servers and customer Linux kernel for to ensure that they are the best!

Solutions offered!

The professional hosting solutions include everything you need and want to start a website. Charging merely $3.00 a month, Justhost provides you with 1 free domain and unlimited storage and data transfer for one account! Other features are as following!

  • Both versions of PHP (5.2.17 and 5.3.8+) and up to date version of MySQL
  • PHP Memory is limited to 128 MB
  • You can easily enable rewrite for friendly URLs and Search Engine
  • PHP runs with suPHP
  • CPanel comes along with your Hosting Plan

Friendly Customer Care

With Justhost, you don`t have to worry about WordPress Hosting Issues! Justhost staff is very handy with WordPress. the big reason for that is most of JustHost`s staff run their own blogs which are also based on WordPress. JustHost`s team also helps you with ample tutorials so that we can learn how to start and develop a website.  Get more details from Web Hosting Reviews.

Why Justhost is good for WordPress?

Justhost helps clients with their own WordPress websites (for whom money is a problem).  JustHost`s setup is fast and downtime free. The customer care is WordPress compatible therefore I suggest Justhost for every WordPress webmaster out there!

The Price

First thing that we all care about! Well here`s some good news, Justhost is among the cheapest hosts in world. The regular plan starts at $7.00 per month and still, you get 60% off! Use your calculator and you only have to pay even less than $2.50 a month. You can refer to Web Hosting Reviews to verify it!

Final Takedown

No doubt, Justhost is reliable and they not only provide you with important features and good customer care but also stay in your budget. usually when we hear the words world`s cheapest host, all we think about is server downtimes and management issues, but Justhost is nothing like it! I recommend Justhost for personal, family blogs as well as small business and corporate e-commerce.

Phen 375 Review- Manufacturer Claims and the Reality

The Truth behind New Phentermine, Phen 375. Find out the real deal of Phen 375, new incarnation of banned Phentermine. Is this product really better than the last one or just another scam to fool us all? We have read all the phen 375 reviews and stacked up the claims.

Phen 375 made by RDK Global is safer version of Phentermine which was banned because of its dangerous side effects. However, it proved to be strong weight loss agent so therefore you might have a natural desire for using these pills to lose weight. Below we shall see should you use Phen diet pills or not? If not, then why?

What it claims

Phen claims to be a fat binder and Appetite Suppressant. Frankly, I agree with its appetite suppressing properties but somehow I disagree with the fact that it’s a fat binder. Below are the points Phen claims to its consumers!

  • Fat Binder
  • Appetite Suppresser
  • Metabolic booster
  • Diet Planner
  • Carbohydrate Blocker

How well it performed

  • Results

These pills are capable of giving you an immediate boost and it can help you losing extra 1-2 pound in the start.

  • Weight Loss Power

If compared with the last incarnation, I am surprised to find out that the weight loss power has been reduced. Having said that, you will still see some weight loss by the energy boosters that comes with Phen! Your weight loss plan will be improved for upcoming 2-3 weeks. But don’t expect to stay in from after you quit your Phen diet.

  • Appetite Suppresser

The Appetite Suppresser is proven to be Phen specialty. Like the previous incarnation, it helps in controlling your cravings. By taking Phen, you won`t feel like eating too much which means that these pills have brought you a stronger will power.

  • Long Term Deal

If you take to the Long term, you would be surprised that if Phen had any effects on keeping your weight down or if it helped you with maintain your targeted weight. It won`t last forever if you quit taking your pills. In short, these pills can be eternal drain on your pocket. There are also some cases which reported that the pills stopped working after only a month.

  • Health Safety

No doubt Phen 375 is safer than its predecessor, but still it is considered one of the unsafe legal supplements in UK.  While using Phen, you can expect some mood swings, chances of anxiety and headaches.

  • Value for your Money

If you are desperate for short term weight loss then you should feel free for giving Phen a chance. In general, it would be wise if you just save yourself the trouble because you will definitely put back the weight you lost as you stop taking these pills. The potential side effects make Phen poor value for your hard earned money. Last, I would take this opportunity to mention that these pills cost around $70 a bottle (30 tabs). So consider your options!

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