Phen 375 Review- Manufacturer Claims and the Reality

The Truth behind New Phentermine, Phen 375. Find out the real deal of Phen 375, new incarnation of banned Phentermine. Is this product really better than the last one or just another scam to fool us all? We have read all the phen 375 reviews and stacked up the claims.

Phen 375 made by RDK Global is safer version of Phentermine which was banned because of its dangerous side effects. However, it proved to be strong weight loss agent so therefore you might have a natural desire for using these pills to lose weight. Below we shall see should you use Phen diet pills or not? If not, then why?

What it claims

Phen claims to be a fat binder and Appetite Suppressant. Frankly, I agree with its appetite suppressing properties but somehow I disagree with the fact that it’s a fat binder. Below are the points Phen claims to its consumers!

  • Fat Binder
  • Appetite Suppresser
  • Metabolic booster
  • Diet Planner
  • Carbohydrate Blocker

How well it performed

  • Results

These pills are capable of giving you an immediate boost and it can help you losing extra 1-2 pound in the start.

  • Weight Loss Power

If compared with the last incarnation, I am surprised to find out that the weight loss power has been reduced. Having said that, you will still see some weight loss by the energy boosters that comes with Phen! Your weight loss plan will be improved for upcoming 2-3 weeks. But don’t expect to stay in from after you quit your Phen diet.

  • Appetite Suppresser

The Appetite Suppresser is proven to be Phen specialty. Like the previous incarnation, it helps in controlling your cravings. By taking Phen, you won`t feel like eating too much which means that these pills have brought you a stronger will power.

  • Long Term Deal

If you take to the Long term, you would be surprised that if Phen had any effects on keeping your weight down or if it helped you with maintain your targeted weight. It won`t last forever if you quit taking your pills. In short, these pills can be eternal drain on your pocket. There are also some cases which reported that the pills stopped working after only a month.

  • Health Safety

No doubt Phen 375 is safer than its predecessor, but still it is considered one of the unsafe legal supplements in UK.  While using Phen, you can expect some mood swings, chances of anxiety and headaches.

  • Value for your Money

If you are desperate for short term weight loss then you should feel free for giving Phen a chance. In general, it would be wise if you just save yourself the trouble because you will definitely put back the weight you lost as you stop taking these pills. The potential side effects make Phen poor value for your hard earned money. Last, I would take this opportunity to mention that these pills cost around $70 a bottle (30 tabs). So consider your options!

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Proxy Servers

Why Should I Use a Proxy Server?

A free proxy server can be used as a tunnel to send data from your computer browser to another computer network somewhere else in the world. There are many advantages in using a free proxy server.

They can do many things from improving your computer’s performance, enhancing its security, or being able to hide certain kinds of Internet activities from other networks or people.

A free proxy server is therefore a kind of gateway between networks. It goes from the port of the originating computer on a local network and then gets routed through a larger computer network that exists on the proxy server.

Proxy servers can be used for various things like:

Accessing Blocked Web Pages

If your computer network blocks sites that you want to go to such as to unblock YouTube, then a proxy server will let you gain access to YouTube. That’s because a free proxy server acts as the intermediary and their location isn’t subject to the original network’s blocking abilities.

Proxy Server Cache Data

The majority of proxy servers are able to cache large amounts of data that the user frequently needs. In fact, this type of free proxy server can speed up your network’s browser capacity and make it much quicker by using a proxy server. With this type of proxy server the frequently used pages are stored on the proxy server and when someone needs them, it pulls them up and that way they can even access some things like documents without having to be online to do so.

Filters Web Content

Some places such as schools, government offices and businesses restrict a user’s access to various types of site. A proxy server can be a method to overcome this by allowing the user to access those sites such as being able to unblock YouTube thought the use of the free proxy server. While these are not illegal, you still are using them at your own risk since your school or organization was blocking the sites that you want to access.

Anonymous Proxy Server

Another type of proxy server is an anonymous proxy server. This kind is used if the web user doesn’t want their browsing history to be tracked and the free proxy server hides their IP address.

Provides Server Security

Something called a reverse proxy server can help with security. It takes data from an insecure network and passes it through to one that is secure. This is a method of improving the security of the data that goes from one network to another and it protects the secure network servers from malicious activities.

All in all proxy servers can serve many purposes from making your surfing anonymous to doing things like letting you unblock YouTube. There are many kinds of proxy servers to choose from and some are a free proxy server and others cost a subscription fee. If you wish to try using a proxy server, then just do a Google search and you will find thousands of places that offer proxy servers of all kinds.