How Joining Forces With Tesla Will Help the Environment

You probably have not heard much about elon musk, although you may have seen him in the news a couple of times. Instead you may be more familiar with him as the CEO of PayPal, or as the founder and executive chairman of both PayPal and eBay, two very successful online money transfers and auctioning businesses. However, even though his ventures may be so well known, his leadership in digital communications and internet start ups such as Tidal, Maps and Skype just cannot be overlooked. When it comes to vision, entrepreneurs are not always second best. Consider this:

Examples Of Elon Musk’s Actions

For example, when Musk took over at PayPal, he not only tried to change the company’s outdated structure by getting more employees but he also implemented a new culture focused on building teams of innovators who would drive innovation, thinking before they acted, and creating a culture of transparency and openness where employees could be held accountable for their actions. This is what got Tesla excited about pursuing a leadership role in communications and mapping, which in turn led him to becoming one of, if not the first, CEOs of a company dedicated to renewable energy, autonomous cars, satellite internet, and other technologies that can fundamentally alter how we live. At the time, many people thought that Musk was too focused on building up his company to be a visionary, but his goal of making solar panels and wind turbines was a shot in the arm for renewable energy and the environment. And he capitalized on his leadership skills by selling Tesla to PayPal at a price less than the company had ever paid for a service. That’s what innovation is all about.

But now we are witnessing a very different leadership style from Musk as he seeks to lead the way for businesses in the virtual world. Whereas once he has taken on the responsibility of leading a company in the most efficient and economical way possible, he has now gone on the offensive to get people talking about his proposed plan for a “Tesla Motors” company. His goal is to raise a billion dollars by selling 100% of his Tesla stock, which will then be used to fund a new manufacturing facility and put 100% of all the profits into a non-profit organization called “The Future of Energy”, which is part of his philanthropic efforts to help mitigate the environmental concerns and other related problems around the world.

How Is Important Meaningful Change Being Achieved

So, what does this have to do with accepting bitcoins? Simply put, accepting bitcoins will allow you to tap into the free market when it comes to providing incentives for consumers to use Tesla electricity and other services. Although Musk hasn’t mentioned how his new non-profit company will get started, the point is that he’s now taking on a public role, albeit an indirect one. While he’s still aiming to play the lead role in providing free energy to everyone, he’s now letting people know that they can also benefit from using solar power, receive tax rebates on buying electric vehicles, and even take advantage of free government grants provided by the United States government. So, in a way, accepting bitcoins as payment for your electricity and other electrical needs could very well be another form of free enterprise for you.

In addition, accepting bitcoins for purchases at retail stores like Overstock, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc., will allow consumers to benefit from using their credit cards without having to worry about paying too high a price for fuel. This, in turn, will give customers yet more reasons to convert their loyalty to traditional brick and mortar retailers, which are often found guilty of gouging consumers by regularly hiking electricity prices. Even though Musk hasn’t specifically mentioned any particular brand names when talking about Tesla and other energy brands, it’s safe to assume that the focus is on the big names out there. Just as he recently took up the task of convincing consumers that solar energy is the real deal, he’ll likely have to do the same with Tesla, because this is the largest brand in the market today.


By using other businesses with Tesla, Musk can help his company make headway in creating a new revenue stream that will come largely from those with an environmental conscience. He has already discussed the need to start accepting payments for his solar panels in two months, though this may vary according to how quickly he can actually deliver. For instance, he says that he plans to start sending updates to his Twitter followers regarding when his first batch of solar cells will arrive. If successful, this partnership between two powerful entrepreneurs could help both sides to bring much needed attention to their most important cause — saving the planet.