How To Pick Window Blinds

The right window blinds can add beauty and value to your home for years to come. They also provide privacy and light control.

But how do you pick the best blinds for your house? To help you, consider the following factors before shopping at The Blind Company:

Light Control

Blinds are great for allowing natural light in to brighten up a room, but they can also help block sunlight and reduce UV rays that may damage furniture. They come in a wide range of styles and colours to match any decor style.

Some shade styles are available with a room-darkening liner that is sewn right into the fabric, which helps minimize light gaps around your windows. You can also add side panels to a shade or use drapery, which will help eliminate light leaks as well.


Window blinds offer various levels of privacy. For example, blinds that rise up from the bottom can be a problem if you live on a busy road and risk passers-by seeing into your home. However, there are a number of solutions that can help you overcome this issue such as top down bottom up blinds or cellular shades that reduce glare and provide light control.


The colour of your blinds can also play a big part in the overall look of your home. Choose colours that complement your walls or other furniture to create a seamless aesthetic. Woven wood blinds are a great option for natural, rustic interiors and come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any design style.


The type of window blinds you select should complement the style of your home. Ideally, the colours should match your walls and other decor items. This creates a coordinated look and can help tie your room together.

In addition, you’ll want to consider how easy it will be to open and close your blinds. For example, if you’re outfitting a sliding door or other window that requires a lot of movement, then a wand or cord-operated blind may be more suitable than a pull-up blind with slats that stack.


Window blinds are made in a wide variety of materials, colours and styles that are appropriate for different environments. A bold colour or pattern can act as a focal point for an interior space, while a light and airy shade can provide a soft glow to a room.

To help narrow down your options, look for the types of windows you have and their intended function. For example, shades are a great choice for bathroom windows, while blinds are better for living and dining rooms.