Business Web Page

The whole idea behind having an online presence is to reach a wide audience and attract them to your business. Investing time in making sure they do what you need them to is a simple thought but an important one. Ask yourself what is the ultimate goal of your website? Whether it’s to get subscription sign ups, make sales, get your contact page filled out or anything else, optimising the chances of this are something that can be increased. This is achieved through Conversion Optimisation. This refers to making changes and improvements to a web page to optimise the chances of a user doing what makes your business money. Have a look at a few beneficial methods to get your customers doing what you want and boost the performance of your business.

Keyword Research

Carrying out research based on keywords that are associated with your business is a well worth endeavour. Finding out what your customers search to find you is of crucial importance and can be capitalised upon. By doing an analysis of what keywords are performing highly, you are able to make adjustments based on these results. If your top ranking keyword is nowhere to be seen on your website, changes should be made to improve this. When users arrive on your site, they should know exactly what it is your business does and the service you provide.

Website Analysis

Heatmap Analysis

Making use of your websites heat map is a great way to monitor user behaviour when customers are active on your site. A heat map is a visual representation of activity on your website. It allows user behaviour to be analysed by displaying colour variations indicating high and low levels of activity. Software programmes can be downloaded to generate these images and provide data. Types of information that can be extracted include time spent on site, navigation, bounce rate, eye-tracking, scroll tracking and other useful features that show how users behave while on your site. This allows you to make improvements to your website based on improving how users act on your site.


Google Analytics

Utilising Google Analytics is a terrific way to not only monitor information about your businesses website but useful in making decisions based on improvements that can be made. Google Analytics allows research to be gathered on users that visit the site. This information ranges from traffic, conversion rate, referring domains, most viewed content, demographic and geographic data. This information is analysed to determine the most effective methods of conversion specific to your businesses website.

Conversion Optimisation

User Recordings

Another way to increase conversion rates of your website is through analysis of user recordings. User recordings provide you with a film representation of how your customers act when on your site. This footage can be analysed to determine and changes that need to be made. Does the customer spend an age looking for your ‘Checkout’ button? Make it more visible and place it at the top of your page. The recordings will show customers click rate, scrolling habits and a host of other features relating to how they behave.

Increasing the chances of the customer doing what your business needs them to do is well worth the time and effort. Take these tips and use them to analyse your own business website and identify areas that need amending to get your business on the right track.