The Top Tips For Marketing In 2021

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If you have not got a marketing strategy in place for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to get planning. It is important that you are allocating your resources in the best way while promoting the work that you do online. This will help you grow your business, differentiating your business from its competitors.

Increase Your Social Media Advertising Budget

As the smartphone generation grows, you should continue to increase your social media advertising budget. Social media advertising is only getting smarter, which means better results online.

By now you should be used to social media advertising, whether you have used it for your business or have seen it when you have been scrolling down your timeline.

Statistics are also showing an increase in budgets for social media advertising, eMarket have stated that budgeters spent $23.68 billion on paid social media advertising. This may seem like a lot; however, it is set to increase by a massive 33.5% percent.

Produce More Niche Content

Millennials love content, in fact, over 2 million blog posts are posted per day. Due to the abundance of content which is out there already it is becoming harder for small companies to compete with businesses that have huge digital marketing budgets.

However, the old saying quality not quantity should be applied in terms of content. Adrian Cordiner, the director of Digital Rhinos says that we should provide a more targeted range of content.

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Make More Videos

Who doesn’t love watching videos on Facebook? Text posts have become boring and statistics have shown that 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product, rather than read reviews or posts about it.

If you are a smaller business looking for a place to start, Snapchat is a great format. Why not try taking videos of the service or products you offer?

Invest In Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely successful in the U.S. Statistics have shown that dollar spent on email marketing, there is an ROI of $44.25 – making this strategy one of the most effective across all digital marketing channels.

Marketing Platforms

Are you using the right marketing platforms? Hubspot and Marketo continue to expand, therefore it may be worth your while to read up on these sites capabilities. Having the best knowledge of your marketing strategy means that you will reduce long-term costs and gain efficiency.


If you are looking to freshen up the appearance of your brand, then a new logo design could be the much-needed facelift that it requires. Digital has changed the way we look at design, the reason why the flat design has taken over in recent years. Businesses want their brand to look the best they can on mobile platforms and that is why we have seen so many rebrands in recent years. From MasterCard to Netflix, take tips from the best and make sure your brand looks as best as possible on smartphones and tablets.