Upholsterers in Edinburgh often have a variety of different customers visiting their premises each day. Some of the biggest customers of upholsterers are actually commercial corporations who have furniture refurbished on behalf of their company. In this guide we will go over different factors that have influenced the success of upholsterers in Edinburgh as well as other important business practices within Edinburgh.

Upholsterers In Edinburgh


What Is Upholstery?

Upholstery is essentially working on forms of furniture to remake or repair the material and improve the overall appearance and the furniture overall. Upholsterers in Edinburgh have been practising the trade for over a one hundred years and upholstery itself has been around for hundreds of years. Traditional crafts and trades such as this are becoming rarer and rarer in today’s world as increasingly we see technology fulfil more and more complex jobs that were previously done by humans.

Upholsterers In Edinburgh


What Challenges Do Upholsterers In Edinburgh Face?

There are a number of unique challenges facing upholsterers in Edinburgh. One of the most pressing challenges at the moment is Brexit. The main problems associated with brexit is that many furniture parts come from outside in different parts of Europe. Therefore it may be difficult to source these parts at a low cost which could have a severe knock on effect on the business as a whole. Another factor that brexit affects isĀ  customers from abroad. If the cost to transport goods such as furniture is significantly higher than it previously was then this means that it is highly likely that there will be less interest and investment from abroad which may damage the businesses overall success and profits in the long tun.

Another challenge that increasingly the upholstery industry in Edinburgh is facing is the increase in online competition. There has been a noticeable rise in online competitors within the industry who are spreading their services further across the UK to try and become the market leader in upholstery. In order to adapt to these changes and compete it is important that upholsters work on their online presence as well as advertising methods.

What Can Be Done To Improve Performance?

In order to improve performance overall there are a number of different methods that upholsterers can employ. One of the most effective methods is search engine optimisation a.k.a SEO. SEO is when a business optimises itself for search engine such as google for example. This process involves building links across the internet that refer back to the businesses website in order to generate leads as well as improve search rankings overall. In order to do this effectively it is important for the business to do extensive research online or alternatively employing the help of a digital marketing agency that can help to improve their overall SEO as well as online presence to generate leads and sales.

Upholsterers In Edinburgh


Overall there are a number of different things that can be summarised about upholsterers in Edinburgh. It is clear that they face a number of different challenges within their role and are likely to see many changes in the industry in the years to come. What is clear is that the trade needs to adapt to marketing techniques such as SEO in order to survive in an ever competitive and volatile market.