5 Changes to improve your Email Marketing Strategy


With over 144 billion emails sent out each day, email marketing is still one of the prioritised channels for businesses to communicate with their clients. However, with this being the number one choice for companies to connect with their consumer, how can you separate yourself from the competition and stand out? Here we have 5 changes you can make to your email marketing strategy to separate yourself from the noise.

Personalise Your Emails

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use your clients name in your emails as this has actually shown to cause more harm than good. Due to the high security level of cyber theft and fraud, consumers are becoming wary of emails with personal greetings. Alongside this there are occasions that personal names may not work for certain consumers and show fake familiarity. But this isn’t to say that there aren’t other ways to personalize your email. You could send an email campaign that acknowledges the customers individuality such as their shopping history or demographic. Customers who receive emails directed with content related to past products purchased and recommendations have a high positive response.

The Perfect Subject Line Length

This entirely depends on what your goal is whether it is to boost clicks (response) or opens (awareness). According to research by Adestra, the “dead zone” is best to avoid which is 60-70 characters. They discovered a higher response (clickthroughs) to long subject lines and keep short for opens (awareness).

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Pick the Prime Time

Whilst you tend to build your email campaign during those office hours the prime time to actually email your consumers isn’t during 9-5. The optimum time to send out your campaign is between 8pm to midnight. This is because most email campaigns go out during the day flooding your client’s inbox meaning your email can be easily overlooked. It stands a better chance being noticed if it is sent out between 8pm-midnight.

Treat Your Consumer

Everyone loves a treat. Consumers responds better to being offered something for free and will instantly build consumer loyalty. Test what your consumers like and find a suitable freebie to send over their way.

Mobile Counts

47% of all email openings are accounted for via mobile phones. This means nearly half your consumers will be viewing your campaigns on their mobile. You can’t afford for your email to come up in a bad format in mobile viewing. Make sure you convert your email to one column template for easy mobile fixes and bump up the font size to improve its readability. Depending on the goal of your email campaign a call to action that is easy accessible and obvious for the consumer is a good idea.