Essentials To Have In The Workplace


Stationery is the term used to describe commercially manufactured writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements and more. It also includes items like greeting cards, glue and pencil cases.

Stationery is also a useful visual aid in studying, as it can be used to highlight important information and help with memory retention. 


Staples are small fasteners that are used to bind papers together. They have legs that push through the paper and then clinch underneath to create a firm binding.

There are different types of staplers, including manual and electric. Manual staplers require you to apply pressure to a handle to drive the staple through paper. 


Whether it’s for note-taking, writing down ideas or just to keep as a reminder of your work day, pens are always useful. Stocking up on a few different colors and having them in your office supplies can make your day run smoothly. 


Snacks are a vital workplace essential because food fuels the brain. A nutrient-efficient snack, such as string cheese or beef jerky can help keep hunger at bay and give a boost of energy in between meals.

Foggy minds don’t make for productive workers. Instead, having healthy snacks within reach allows them to stay engaged and in a clear headspace.