How To Get A Sexual Health Check?

Everyone should feel comfortable to talk about their sexual health with a professional. However, there continues to be a taboo surrounding the subject of sex. A sexual health check is vital for those who are sexually active, as you could be a carrier of an infection without knowing it for a long period of time. This post will guide you on how to get a sexual health check in detail, so hang on tight!

STI Clinic Is The Right Platform

People usually fear visiting a clinic because they find it embarrassing. In addition, they may be hesitant to answer personal questions about their sex life or their body. However, STI clinics are the best place for gathering professional advice on sexual health and they can also provide you with treatment if needed. The staff are trained, welcoming, and non-judgmental who can teach you a lot about your own body!

Like any other clinic, the staff will ask you to provide some personal details like age, weight, height, sexual status, and will ask you why you are visiting. All of this information is private and confidential, and you should be honest about your answers so that they can make the right decisions about treatment.

Symptoms Of An STI

Many people will experience different symptoms of an STI, some may experience nothing at all! These symptoms are commonly confused with any other infection which is why a test is your best method in determining the presence of infection.

The symptoms may include:

  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of memory
  • genital warts
  • unusual discharge
  • pain passing urine
  • pain during sex
  • itching

Screening Test

A screening test is a quick and accurate process where it will determine whether or not your body is home to an infection. There are different methods of carrying this test out, and whichever one you receive may be depending on your answers that you gave to their questions. The sample for the diagnostic tests can be your blood, urine, mouth swab, and genital swab. All tests are painless except blood tests, as the phlebotomist must slightly puncture the vein with a syringe to draw the blood out.

Counselling Is Available

Sexual health can be a difficult topic of conversation for some. Some people may find it triggering. STI clinics can also listen to your concerns regarding sexual orientation and any other worries that fall under the umbrella term “sexual health”. Counselling can be available to you if the nurse feels it is necessary. It is always best to talk to a professional as these are the people with the best advice and guidance to aid you through any sexual concern.

Final Words

Talking to a sexual health clinic is the best way to take control of your body, worries, sexual health, and sex life. It is important not to panic if you undergo a sexual health check and some tests come back positive. There are medical creams and treatments that can be prescribed to you. Normally, any sexual infection is treated within 5 days.