Why Businesses Should Invest In On-Site Nitrogen?

on site nitrogen

There are several ways to get nitrogen for industrial use. Most recently, on-site nitrogen has become very popular with uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is less expensive, safer, and more reliable and that is what makes it an absolute must to have for many businesses that operate in the above-mentioned industries but not limited to. Read on to find out more and decide if this is something that you can make use of as well.

Here are some benefits of on-site nitrogen generation. The most obvious advantage is cost savings. But there are other advantages as well. Below, you’ll discover how on-site nitrogen generation can benefit your business.


Helps With Preservation

One of the biggest benefits of on-site nitrogen is its ability to help preserve goods. Food and beverage companies use it for packaging which helps them increase their exports to foreign countries without the risk of food getting spoiled. Moreover, nitrogen-based packaging is also capable of preserving the nutritional value, flavour, texture, taste, and aroma of the goods.

Less expensive

In many cases, on-site nitrogen generation is less costly than buying it from a vendor. Outside vendors are unpredictable, and the supply chain is not always stable. When nitrogen is produced on-site, it is more consistent, avoiding downtime due to shortages and unpredictable supply. Furthermore, there are many benefits of having your own nitrogen generator.

When considering nitrogen costing, you may wonder how on-site generation can save your business money. You can save money by reducing the amount you buy from a supplier, and by having your nitrogen delivered directly to your facility. By generating nitrogen on-site, you will avoid additional costs such as tank rentals and delivery charges. In addition, you will save money by avoiding the transportation of nitrogen, which can lose up to 10% of its value during transport.

nitrogen gas

More reliable

On-site nitrogen generators are the most reliable method of nitrogen supply. These nitrogen generators feature patented technology and are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, and have a range of nitrogen capacities ranging from 6,000 to 50,000 Nm3/h. Moreover, they offer flexibility in operation and are easily connected to power sources. They are highly reliable in their performance and provide an environmentally friendly way of nitrogen production.

Provides Consistent Purity

On-site nitrogen generation systems are a perfect choice for laboratory environments where a high-purity, consistent flow of nitrogen is crucial. These systems produce nitrogen through dual-bed sieve beds with minimal maintenance requirements. In addition to offering consistent purity, nitrogen generator systems also require no maintenance. The nitrogen produced by the systems is sterile, making them a great choice for laboratories where purity and consistency are important.