How To Get Rid Of Severe Penetrating Damp In The Office Building

penetrating damp treatment

What Is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is often also known as ‘lateral damp’. It occurs when moisture develops in the walls, roof or floor of a building due to water getting through the exterior surfaces of the home and office, or excessive moisture in one area (e.g. a burst pipe). Any age or style of building can experience penetrating damp due to one reason or another, and it can occur at any level of the building.

Call The Professionals

The best thing to do when you realize that you have been affected by penetrating damp is calling the professionals. Companies like Richardson & Starling have branches up and down Scotland are extremely experienced in dealing with all forms of damp. They would be someone we recommend calling if you find you have damp coming through in your office buildings. Penetrating damp forming in the corner of the office.

Work From Home

If you do find that you have penetrating damp begin to show in your office buildings, you may want to ask everyone to stay at home for a short while. IN the days of modern technology, it’s highly likely that a lot of work can be done at home with a phone, a computer and access to the internet. Working from home will allow the business to continue even during the necessary repairs. It will obviously still cause disruption but you can minimize this by working from home.

penetrating damp

Consider Structural Repairs

The problem with penetrating damp is that it is often caused by moisture coming through from the outside of the building, or underneath it. Due to the nature of these cases, structural repairs are often needed to ensure the moisture is not let through or trapped again. A professional like Richardson & Starling, mentioned earlier, will be able to help you when it comes to looking at the actual structural damage that may have been caused.

The structural damage could possibly be extensive, as penetrating damp can affect the walls, ceilings and even the timber frame of the building. It can cause rot and other serious damage.

The tools needed to repair walls with penetrating damp.

Redecorate & Remodel

The silver lining when it comes to carrying out repairs following a case of penetrating damp is that you will get to redecorate or remodel the office. Sometimes this will be necessary due to the work that is done. Nevertheless, you should take advantage of the fact that all of the staff are at home. Give it a fresh lick of paint and some new features, this will really motivate the workers when they return to the office buildings.