Improving Transport Links: Research from Tarmacadam Contractors


Transport links are undoubtedly one of the most important things for the functionality of many businesses. If there are no main roads or motorways in the vicinity, particularly for warehouses and such, it can really hinder the business success. Tarmacadam contractors are called out to jobs regularly to extend or add roads for businesses to improve access and ease of movement.

Read on and find out how we think improved transport links can help, with advice from local tarmacadam contractors.

Talking to Tarmacadam Contractors about Transport

We spoke to local tarmacadam contractors about building transport links around businesses, and the impact it may have. Due to their experience working with domestic, commercial and public roads, tarmacadam contractors are well placed to share their thoughts and experiences of transport links. They know what people ask them for and they know what actually works. We believe they are a great place to start, to find out what the actual word on the ground is surrounding transport links.

The Importance of Transport Links for Business

For many businesses, transport links are key. For any office or organization, their staff need to have ease of access to main roads and motorways in order to get to and from their place of work. For transport or storage businesses, this is even more important. Large HGVs cannot drive up small winding side-streets and so on, and therefore the storage units or warehouses must be located within a reaching distance of main roads and motorways. It also will help in the long run in terms of then delivering those goods elsewhere, as access to these motorways and such will mean quicker deliveries and more efficient business.

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What the Government Is Doing About It

Over the past few years, the government in Scotland has been creating brand new transport links across the Central Belt. New stretches of motorway have been added and other improved, meaning those on business can travel more easily. This particularly helps individuals in the Glasgow or Edinburgh areas. It is great to see that investment is being made in this area. That said, there is still more to be done in terms of more local roads. Tarmacadam contractors are more often called out by businesses looking to improve the roads in their immediate vicinity. However, on many roads you must request permission from the local authority to use tarmacadam contractors. Either that or you can request that they send their own team out to fix any issues. This can include potholes or dropping kerbs.

Why Road Improvements in Scotland Matter

As we have mentioned above, tarmacadam contractors have a huge role to play in improvements for access for businesses across Scotland. However, it comes down to the Government to improve the actual main roads and motorways which are going to make up the bulk of transport links in this country.