How To Excel In The Jobs Market


In the 21st century getting a job isn’t as easy as its made out to be. In fact , in some cases there have been posts advertised online for one or two vacancies and in excess of 1000 people have applied. This is partly due to the numbers of unemployed but also down to a recruitment system which may not be fit for purpose. Previously applications were often done by paper and pen and interviews were conducted face to face after receiving the paper applications. However 99% of applications need to be applied for online. The problem with this is it is incredibly easy for a business to simply dismiss an application at the touch of the button without paying much attention to the application if they already have someone in mind. This can result in people applying to multiple jobs and receiving unsuccessful application emails within a matter of days which can become very demoralizing. In this article we will go over some tips that you can use to try and succeed within the jobs market.

Attention To Detail

With job applications, employers like attention to detail. This means that when filling out your applications and your achievements try your best not to undersell yourself! Take as much space as the employer is offering to list your achievements, qualities and skills. Often when employer are shortlisting candidates they pay more attention to candidates have packed their applications with detail as this comes across better and shows that the candidate is interested and engaged with the potential role. Having more relevant information to your application can make the difference between you getting to the next stage or not. Furthermore when listing your achievements and skills sometimes talking to one your friends or colleagues about your skills and character traits is a good way to get another perspective on what you are good at.

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Hobbies/Skills Outside Of Work

Many employers increasingly look for employees who have something extra to offer. Volunteering with an organization is an excellent way in which you can enhance your CV as well as gain valuable skills. One skill outside of work which can be highly beneficial is the ability to drive. Having a driving license and being able to drive opens up a lot of opportunities when it comes to working. Not having a driving license could put you at a disadvantage so having a license can be highly beneficial.

Online Research

Doing research online into the organization you are looking to work with is always a good idea. Often applications involve needing to know about an organizations principles and targets. Doing online research into a business means you can have a better understanding of who they are and how they operate. In addition to this when you get to interview stage it means that you are much better equipped to answer any questions that may come your way.


To conclude the best way you can have chance of landing your dream job is by perseverance and research as well as putting lots of effort into your application. Because often competition online is often fierce it is best to give as much detail as possible and explain why you might make the perfect candidate.