Increasing Productivity in The Work Place

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Whether you are the employer or the employee, productivity in the workplace is vital for success and growth. For your business to be successful and thrive, your colleagues need to be productive, meeting set targets. If your employees are demotivated and productivity is low, here are some hints and tips that will increase productivity in the workplace.

Have Set Goals and Deadlines

People work better under pressure, therefore, it is important that as the employer you are setting goals and deadlines that you need your employees to meet. These deadlines should be set in stone and not opened ended as this will boost productivity and motivation to achieve the goal.

It is not only important for the employees to be productive in the workplace it is imperative that you, as the employer, are proactive and set goals that your employees need to meet. This will give your employees an incentive to finish a task on time. Although this is important, it is also vital that with these goals and deadlines you set that you offer help and advice to anyone that may need it, to ensure that the work gets finished to the highest standard in the given time.

Encourage Your Employees to Take Short Breaks

Working in an office, from 9 till 5 can be draining and tiring, and productivity can begin to slip as the day continues. To keep your employees engaged and productive, encouraging them to take short breaks to make a coffee or a tea will give them the two minutes they need away from their desk to come back refreshed.

Another way to encourage your employees to have a short break is if you buy an office coffee machine, as this will give them a chance to make their own coffee. This small gesture will show your employees that you care about them.


Appreciate Your Employees

A study conducted, shows that people who feel valued in the workplace are more likely to be productive and complete tasks given to them. Workers who feel appreciated by their employer are more likely to feel more motivated to get their work done and complete it to the highest standard.

Employers should publicly praise their employees during a meeting or provide them with rewards. You need to make it clear, as the employer, that if one of your employees puts in extra work for a project that they will be praised for their efforts. If you fail to reward hard work, your employees will have little motivation and you will see productivity slump.

Invest in New, Working Technology

One thing that could affect your employee’s productivity is slow, old technology that takes forever to do anything as your employees will have to wait around for the best part of a day for their computer to load.

If you purchase technology that works with no effort and minimum time your employees will be more likely to be productive and get their tasks complete as they will have a working computer that they can use with ease.

Old computers may save your company but in the long run, you will save money as your workforce will be able to get their work done at a faster, more efficient rate. Investing in new computers will not only save you time, it will also express to your employees that you care about them by giving them the best tools.

Increasing Productivity Levels

If you are having trouble with your employee’s productivity levels, these four tips will help boost productivity in the workplace and motivate your employees to finish their goals and deadlines.

Increasing Productivity as an Employee

If you are truly struggling to improve or maintain productivity at work then and you feel that the points above are already in place at your office then there may be a deeper problem causing your lethargy. People who don’t enjoy their job tend to be less productive than those who are very happy at work. There is also the more personal issue of feeling bored or discontent with other aspects of your life which could be having a negative effect on your mood at efficiency at work. It could be time to try something new, whether that’s changing career or moving to a new city, or maybe you could combine both. A Real English Language Story, also known as ARELS, is an online platform where you can learn all you need to know about TEFL: a course you can take, equipping you with the skills and qualification to teach English abroad. Perhaps a new job and an exciting adventure could be the change you’re looking for.